As a former medical researcher and freelance translator with a degree in Biological Science and a Distinction in the Scientific Unit of the Institute of Linguistics’ Diploma in Translation I am highly qualified and experienced to provide the full range of medical translation services detailed below.

Specialist language review of medical translations

Medical translations

Any form of medical communication is important, and misunderstandings can be catastrophic. The health and safety of patients can be put at risk, whilst the reputation of a company can be destroyed, and lawsuits filed in the event of a misunderstood document. It is therefore vital that mistranslations are avoided in order to maintain high patient safety standards. I provide a professional service that includes careful and meticulous reviews of translations, ensuring that all meanings and terminology correlate entirely with the source document.


Localization of medical content to Brazilian audiences


Simple translations do not consider the fact that different cultures understand information if different ways. With medical translations, this is extremely important as patients and physicians have the right to fully understand the information being conveyed. By combining my extensive experience and understanding of medical translation with my native language I can provide localisation services which ensure that translations are not just accurate, they are understandable and accessible to the target audience.


Linguistic consultancy: Brazilian Portuguese for the medical industry

Linguistic consultancy

With over 13 years of experience in medical translation, I am highly qualified to carry out linguistic consultancy in Brazilian Portuguese. I have experience of overseeing translation teams and ensuring that terminology and meaning are accurate and consistent across files and translators, by providing style guides and glossaries, and by being approachable and advising translators of best practice.


Translation: English – Brazilian Portuguese


As a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker with a fluent understanding of the English language I translate from English into Brazilian Portuguese and from Brazilian Portuguese into English with ease and consistency. With a focus on medical terminology, my vocabulary and grammatical understanding is uniquely tailored to researchers, physicians, market research agencies and pharmaceutical companies. My expertise in these areas allows me to adopt a thorough process of translation and review in order to ensure that the original meaning is understood and expertly conveyed without any potentially harmful misunderstandings.


Transcription: Brazilian Portuguese – English


With a native and fluent understanding of medical and pharmaceutical terminology I can provide clear transcriptions from Brazilian Portuguese into English. My understanding of both the language and cultures allows me to provide the benefit of ensuring content is culturally sensitive. My native understanding of Brazilian Portuguese also enhances my ability to transcribe audio files into English in a timely and conscientious manner.